Saturday, May 2, 2009

I decided to move my blog to a different location.

You can find me here:

Hope that you stop by!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Product Testing

In April, I decided to open a new shop on Etsy. Sometimes, my creativity bug drives me beyond glass fusing. Sometimes my children want to create things. Often my children want to create things. So, I decided to open
with the intention of offering collaborative creations. If you check out the new shop, you can see some things that have made the cut. My son designed a banner and logo that I need to upload. He also did the product cards and business cards. My daughter loved selecting designs from the Japanese washi paper for the rings and pendants. They both took a turn with the drill press, once they agreed to the safety rules. I am excited about the shop and so are they. BUT..this bowl of stuff??? Well, it was an attempt at making play dough or a similar substance. It smelled nice (peppermint). It contained sooo many things that I think it might have been toxic in the end..but boy did they have fun. Me, well....I must say the clean up was not so bad. They initiated the project and followed through with the clean up. Next time, they say that the original recipe would be the way to go. Somethings are tough to improve on.

It is good to be back after a busy summer with my children. School is back in session here, so I hope you stop back often.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Takota Bear

Meet Takota, whose name means "Friend to Everyone". He is our Native American Dog, also known as a NAID. If you visit the home page of Night Eyes Farms. , you can see him as a puppy on the puppy mover monorail. Takota is riding second from the front. Native American Indian Dogs are a rare almost extinct breed of dog used by the Native Americans to pull a travois across thousands of miles of the North American continent. There are about 5 certified breeders of these dogs. Takota, true to his breed, is a problem solver. He is a watcher. Takota thinks ahead and plans. He is sometimes scary smart. Takota is also a big baby, who likes belly scratches and, best of all, being covered up in my blanket. Of course, I have to watch him with said blanket. He will shed it in an instant if he decides to. It is impossible to find a toy that he can not destroy. If any dog toy makers are up for the me!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

in the light box

I think that bottles are too tight a fit for my light box. I think I needed to have a better backdrop. I know that I have put off photographing a bunch of slumped bottles because they are unruly. I tackled a few of them today. My camera (yikes!) almost fell to the ground. My table light was pulled to the floor by one of my four legged helpers. :)

However...I do like how the bottles look, especially when the light shines through them.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I like to make earrings. I was organizing my bead stash over the winter and had just purchased these vintage Japanese glass beads from Epoch Bead's shop on Etsy. I loved them. I got this rush of inspiration to pair them with branch coral and the result was these earrings. I managed to post them on flickr, but never did get around to listing them in my etsy shop. I think it just might be that I like them so much that I want them for me. Have you ever made something that was just kind of meant to be yours?